A great headshot brings forward your personality without all of the props. It's you and the camera. A headshot inspires trust and authenticity whilst providing an honest insight into you.

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Simple Single

In a single hour we can definitely achieve a simple striking image that can be used for personal publicity.

Within the hour we can comfortably coach you through the session to get the best out of you. With a maximum of two outfits, depending on your preferences, we should be able to get a handful of quality images you will be happy with.

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The Real Deal

A full 2 hour session extracts the best out of you - and is a heap of fun.

In-studio coaching on posing, an opportunity to explore different expressions, trying out different looks and reviewing and discussing the results in the studio with your photographer help you get a broad range of killer images. This means you can have the same quality professional styling in many locations without it being the same constant shot.

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Custom Corporates

If you are after a company image that doesn't involve the regular shoot of the executive team standing around looking dazed and dismayed, then you may want to contact us.

We bring the same drive to create a real sense of connection and engagement into our company profile images as we do for single headshots. Contact us to discuss your requirements for a custom solution.